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Is there only so much problem solving power in one brain?

Having less, using less, buying less. Taking up less. Space.

Oh my.



Harder Better Faster Stronger

There is so much stuff. In the world, in production, in a hole in the ground waiting for a new suburb to be built on top, and in my house.

Here is a video the gist of which is – Changing ourselves will not change the system, but changing the system can change the world.

So I’m not sure how moral it is to start a blog about using up all the stuff in my house, as if that were an important endeavour.

But here we are. And so.

Goal, the progress of which shall be recorded in this blog, number 1: Downsize all my possessions to single suitcase size by the end of 2018

Goal, on the details of which I am still working, number 2: Change the world