Mull 2: Will Urine Mordant Wool?

It often occurs to me how little information there is on the internet. Sure urine was historically used in dying and tanning. But HOW?

Thank you Joeke van der Veen for this how to scour raw wool using urine. (Stove top)

Then there is this anecdote from All Fibre Arts
She put some grease wool in a ziploc baggy and poured urine over it. She sealed the bag and waited a few days for the wool to completely absorb the urine. She opened the bag and let it air out and dry out a bit. Then she touched the wool. Soft and very easy to spin.

Woad and indigo love a low maintenance urine vat says Wild Colours. But the urine is helping fermentation not exactly acting as a mordant. So apparently an experiment is in order.

I asked my partner to help contribute to the collection, which turned out to be completely
unnecessary. I am a pee making machine.

March 2020

MULL: International Scarf Exchange Throwdown

It can be very rewarding to work with purpose and this two weeks of adrenaline fuelled spinning has been that. There was certainly some universal energy swirling around when this destiny wheel was revealed.

To say something that makes sense- spinning is hard when you are living out of your car. When you have signed up for the International Scarf Exchange and need to spin 150g of fleece and it better be good because a complete stranger you want to impress will receive and judge it, you might start to worry.
But the universe worked its magic in the form of 2 weeks of house sitting on Mull and the loan of a wheel from most lovely spinner and weaver Helen of Helbies Handmade.
And so it came to pass that I spun till I swore to never take on another spinning project again, and then spun some more.

Thank you Helen (are people called Helen more likely to be interested in fibre arts?) thank you universe, thank you Handspinners and Weavers Guild of South Australia for organising this years International Scarf Exchange.

March 2020

Stonehenge: Less Interesting Than Rare Sheep Breeds

I am trying to keep these entries chronological and have gotten to some sheep at last! There will be fewer scone outings during lock down but an obsession with sheep can burn bright no matter the physical restrictions.

Where: Cholderton Charlie’s Rare Breeds Farm (near Stone Henge)

What: Middle White Pigs! I have never seen such a handsome pig. Such long smooth white hair. I didn’t know I would be even slightly interested in having a pig, let alone have a dream pig until now.

What Else: Greyface Dartmoor Sheep! There was one true to breed in their flock, which was very cute. They are usually white with grey freckles. But here is a genetic throw back! (I did not take this photo, it is from )

Scone: Yes I did have a scone but it wasn’t very good. Skip the cafe and go look at sheep!

Continuing on my usual photography train I took one photo, which is not of a sheep.

February 2020

Avebury: Another Photo Halfway Through A Scone

Avebury, the wishing trees. You can’t really see in the photo that these trees are charms and ribbon bedecked. They have an excellent energy, old and mysterious, unlike the stone circles.
Still, they will end up being more impressive than Stone Henge, which is much smaller than implied by the media.

It’s hard to remember to take a photo when faced with a fresh scone.

Ross-On-Wye: Hands Down The Best Scone In England

Where: The Priory Coffee House
45 High St

Look at that puck of crusty cream. LOOK AT IT. Plus the service was lovely and the town delightful. The whole place is obsessed with hedgehogs, as is only right. What more could you want?

Rating: 5 cream pucks out of 5

View from a barn.

This cool patchwork painting was in the church. I am tempted to try this myself.

February 2020

Birmingham: You Have A Gallery

Edwardian Tearooms, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

There are probably lots of great things about Birmingham. After passing through someone told us about a hidden parisian canal and cafe area.
We saw the gallery, and a car yard out of which we drove.

Elijah Walton, Monte Civetta From Lake Alleghe, Ital

February 2020